The main contribution to the culture of the area of Hawaii is that of the Polynesian people who first settled in the area more than one thousand years ago.  The Polynesians are an island tribe with strong fishing roots which are reflected in the lives of those people who continue to make a living fishing in Oahu today.  The Polynesians are also known for their arts and crafts, especially their wooden handicrafts, which can be purchased in various stores and from local vendors throughout Oahu.

Religion and spirituality play a large ole in the culture of Hawaii.  Many people continue to practice a multi-deity belief system which honors different gods during different times of the year, corresponding to the seasons.  Respect for the earth is a major component of the religion of the Oahu culture and this is reflected in many aspects of life in Oahu today.

The culture and lifestyle of the area of Oahu sometimes provokes impatience on the part of Westerners.  The main reason for this is that the pace of Oahu life is slow and easy.  It is believed that moments and people are to be savored and treasured.  Visitors who are coming from a fast-paced lifestyle of immediate gratification should take this in to consideration when feeling any impatience during their Oahu vacation.

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