The Maui Arts & Cultural Center has been in operation since 1994. It’s a non-profit agency dedicated to hosting thousands of cultural events for both locals and tourists. Some of the events that occur there each year include art shows, concerts, theatrical performances, and educational seminars.

The Cultural Center sees about a quarter of a million visitors each year. During the Center’s performance season, several dance, theater and musical shows are put on by groups from all over the world.

The Maui Arts & Cultural Center website contains a brochure which describes all of the shows and performances scheduled for that particular year. People who are planning a trip to Maui should check the schedule of events prior to arriving on the Island so plans can be made in advance to see a particular show or exhibition. While some performances are free, others require purchased tickets.

Some of the performances included in the 2006 show series include “Black Grace,” which is a modern dance company from New Zealand, “Matato’a,” an inspirational family group dedicated to dance, costumes and body art, and Jake Shimabukuro, who is a master of the ukulele.


The Maui Theater, located at 878 Front St. in Lahaina is home to Maui's only year round running theater performance Ulalena.  ( )  With showings Tuesday through Saturday, Ulalena is a great option for those who love the theater and would like to get more feel for Maui culture and history.  Done in a Cirque Du Soleil style (not produce by them, only in that style) and produced by Arra, this 1 1/2 show gives a fantastical view of the creation of the Island of Maui.  The performance is very interactive with the crowd and has a magnificent live percussion orchestra located in the balconey.  You may find yourself watching them as much as the stage!  The Maui Theater is a great location for theater like this, due to it's small size.   There are no bad seats in the house, but sitting in the center sections will put you more in touch with the interactive feel.  There are four seat price options, ( standard, deluxe, premium and producers package ).  The standard seats are on the outer edge on both sides with deluxe being on the inside aisle.  Premium seats are located in the center and producers package is premium seats with access to the performers after the show.  Ulalena is a great way for families to spend time with each other after dark in lahaina ( 6:30pm-8pm) and provides a large concessions stand for food and beverages that are allowed in the theater.  I have found that the more younger viewers in the audience, the more fun the show becomes.  Children are always the first to interact with what is going on stage, then followed by the adults who may be more reserved.  The more open minded you go into the theater, the better the time you will have.  Aloha and enjoy.