The Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau is a great source of information for anyone planning a trip to Maui, or any of the other islands. Their website is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and several other languages, and it contains details on all of the most traveled Hawaiian Islands: Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lanai, Maui, and Hawaii's Big Island.

Specifically related to Maui, there are details on island adventures (surfing, helicopter tours and hiking trips), specifics on playing golf here, ideas for fun with the entire family, and information on weddings and honeymoons on the island.

There is information and reviews about Maui hotels, condos, restaurants, sights and activities, including photos of hotel and condo buildings, pools, rooms, beaches, at the website Maui Vacations.

The Hawaii Tourism Authority is also a great source for tips on how to prepare for a trip to any of the Hawaiian Islands. For example, recommendations on what type of clothing and shoes should be packed for a comfortable visit to Maui, items that cannot be brought to the island (such as fresh fruit, plants, and live animals – which must undergo a quarantine period), and other travel tips related to airport security and long flights.

Information for international travelers is also contained on both of these websites. Passports or Visas for non-United States residents are required for admittance to Hawaii. In addition, proof of a return plane ticket must be shown during the customs check.

Here is the link to Inside Honolulu : Hawaii Websites.