Please read the reviews on The Blue Pool and do some additional research as you consider visiting this location.

The local website states in their article that you should not consider visiting this site due to tresspassing risks and "a few aggressive enforcers."  

The beach is public, but a Hawaiian court ruled that the road is private and in 2008 the Hawaii Legislature passed House Resolution HR307 that directed the State Attorney General to investigate and determine the issue of ownership of Ulaino Road, at this time it does not appear that the Attorney General has issued a finding.

Ulaino Rd is a public road up until about 0.8 miles past Maia Rd. at that point the parcel of land that Ulaino Rd is on becomes private.  This private parcel of land is owned by Keola Hana-Maui, an international investment group made up of Japanese, British and local investors.  Even though the road is private, public access to Kahanu Gardens has not been restricted or contested.  Past the Kahanu Gardens not only is the road private, but all the parcels of land along the road are private property.  The road dead-ends at a large, privately owned parcel of land that is owned by multiple people.  Ownership of these parcels of land can be viewed and verified online, click Submit Query, click Search on the right hand side, click the Parcel tab and search for the following parcels: 213002038 (the private portion of Ulaino Rd) and 212003005 (the private property where the waterfall is located).

Please respect the rights of the property owners and do not trespass in order to visit The Blue Pool.