Snorkeling - for trips to Molokini and Lana'i the Paragon Sailing Catamarans are a good choice.  Great staff uncrowded boats open bar and great sailing. This is, if you want to take a sail boat. And they really sail. Most sail boats don't  sail, or just sail sometimes, because it can get wild. So you must be up for the fun!  Boats with sails are Trilogy and Alii Nui.

There are a lot of snorkeling boats leaving from Ma'alaea Harbor, which go to Molokini and Turtle Town. Most of them are catamerans for stability. How do you choose? Some are very crowded, big and comercialized. Choose a midsize boat like the Lani Kai or Friendly Charters. You won't have to stand in line for everything and still can enjoy a spacious boat and the personal attention of the crew. Almost all boats offer food and drinks. Big boats are the boats from Pacific Whale Foundation, Quicksilver and the more upscale big boats like Pride of Maui and Four Winds.  These boats hold around 140 passengers. Four Winds does not go to Turtle Town, but gives you more snorkeling time at Molokini. Their other boat the Maui Magic, which is a midsize boat, goes to La Perouse. Pacific Whale Foundation has a trip which goes to Molokini and Lana'i. It is nicer to go to Lana'i early and see some dolphins and go to Molokini on a different trip. It is a long ride over to Lana'i. There are also small boats to Molokini and La Perouse, which leave from Kihei small boat harbor. Small boats are a different kind of fun because you are so close to the water, but the ride can be very bumpy. Don't go to La Perouse on a rough day by boat if you have problems with your back.

You can also snorkel from the beach and watch turtles. Watch out for sea urchins and waves and go early in the morning. You might see dolphins at La Perouse, but remember it is illegal to approach any marine mammal. Snorkeling stores like Snorkel Bob's can tell you where to go.

Sailing - America's Cup II out of Lahaina Harbor is a two hour sail on the 65 foot racing sloop with very competent Captain John and First Mate Nathan. Price is very reasonable.  Be prepared to get wet and go fast!   Great for all ages over 6.  Snacks and sodas are served but you'll have little time to consume them as you will be having too much fun to think about food.  Ocean is absolutely cobalt in this part of the world.  This will be a memorable experience you will want to share with others on your next visit to Maui. 

Parasailing - only from May 15 - December 15 and in the Ka'anapali areas.  UFO and West Maui Parasail are the options here for a good time.

Wakeboarding/Skiing - Wake Maui out of Ka'anapali is the company for this.  All new and top of the line equipment and boat.  Go early to get the glassy water conditions.  Boat only holds 6 so book before you go.

Surf Instruction - In Lahaina the Goofey Foot school goes out of a spot with consistant waves.  In Ka'anapali all hotels have their own instruction out of the beach huts.  Kihei schools go out of the cove park which has consistant waves also for learners. Maui Surfer Girls also have great instructors for learning how to surf. They are out of Lahaina.

Sunset Sails - In Wailea the Kai Kanani launching from the Makena Beach and Golf Resort is a good option; new boat and food and cocktails.  Out of Ma'alaea use the Ali' i Nui sailing cat for all the same reasons.  For Lahaina and Ka'anapali you have more options with the Teralani / Scotch Mist / Kapalua Kai and Paragon topping out the list for food drink and general value for your money.

Private Custom Adventure Tours - Maui has so much natural beauty and history that it is impossible to know where to go all the time. Awapuhi Adventures provides custom adventures at very reasonable prices. Each adventure is tailored to your fitness level, dietary desires, and interests.

Family Beach Portraits - There are plenty of great photographers who can capture your family's Maui vacation. Most of them will travel anywhere on the island and provide you with a cd of high res images and reproduction rights.