Calendar of Events:

Note: These links may be from years past. Some of the events may have been canceled. Other events may have been added. Other events may be held in a different month than listed on the links. Use the information as a guideline.

Appears to be the most comprehensive listing of island events.

This Week on Maui Magazine online. Calendar of eventsof events start on about page 34.

Confusing listings, as they are noted for 2012, yet share yearly events. Click on the month you want to visit and then check the event for more current listings in other publications.

Another month by month listing for recurring events. Starts with year round community events.

Seems to be updated as each month's calendar is filled out.

This is an all island listing page. Uncheck the boxes for those islands or areas you are not interested in.

A page listing three other sites for event information including the State and County Visitor Bureaus.

Another listing month by month events. Adds the State holidays - which there are quite a few of.

An on-line version of a popular weekly tourist publication. The events are listed in the e-books.

Site for the Visitor Bureau for the State of Hawaii -

Following link starts in 2012 - scroll down for 2013.

Another month by month listing of usual annual events.

Calendar starts in June 2013 and then shows the past several years. At the bottom of the page are the other months to click on. May be best viewed on a mobile device. 

Busy graphic-laden page with details of performances around Maui at various dining venues as well as the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC).

Lists the various dining specials at restaurants around the island.

Maui Time's weekly alphabetical grid of music performances at bar/restaurants. Covers all main locations on island - west, south, central, upcountry.