If you are hoping to find locally made crafts and products during your visit to Roatan, and will be stopping in Coxen Hole, you are in for a treat!  Coxen Hole, located on the western end of the Island of Roatan,  is the island's cruise ship port.  This fact makes Coxen Hole one of the most visited part of the island and is therfore a very desirable location for shopkeepers.  The local shopkeepers are always pleasant and are never aggressive or pushy with their goods.  Pan handling on the streets is rare (usually children, carry a roll of quarters and make some smiles!) and is discouraged by the local police who are about on foot.  You are always greeted with a friendly smile and more often than not, an English "Hello".   Most storekeepers do speak some English.  All items that are for sale will be marked or quoted in American Dollars.  Most of the shops are small, many are open air with only a roof.  Most of the crafted items are native to Roatan and/or mainland Honduras.  You will find a large assortment of carved wooden items including bowls, masks, canes and children's toys.  Also to be found are blankets and hand sewn articles of clothing, many for small children.  Hand thrown pottery and carved slate items also abound.  A more commercial storefront featuring things such as jewelry and bath products is located a short ways east of the cruise ship terminal.  Be sure to go into one of the small local grocery stores and try one of the canned fruit sodas!  Your shopping experience in Roatan will be warmly remembered for many years to come.

Be sure to check out the opening of the brand new Panama Jack store! Panama Jack was founded in 1974 Florida.  This company just opened a brand new store 9/15/10.  Everything is new, clean, and first class. The store has a fun shopping environment that is great for all ages.  Pick up some sun essentials here for your cruise to Roatan, or some treasures to take home. 

FIrst Panama Jack store ever just opened 9/15/2010

first Panama Jack store ever!

Street in Coxen Hole     Vendor shops in Coxen Hole

Main Street in Coxen Hole