The most impressive shopping destination in Guatemala City is without a doubt the Mercado Central .  An underground consumer center, it had been rebuilt after the incredibly destructive earthquake of 1976.  Specializing in handicraft, leather, and regional clothing items, other products worth purchase include fish and vegetables.  Check for stalls specializing in jade sculpture or ceramics if you seek to bring home souvenirs that will be harder to find elsewhere.  Additionally, be especially aware of the expert pickpockets that thrive at this tourist hotspot.

Sombol Handicraft is also an excellent place to pick up some ceramic, leather, jewelry, cloth, or wood goods.

The Mercado de Nuestra Senora and the Mercado San Pedro are two outdoor food markets worth checking out, the latter especially for its enormous produce selection.

The Tikal Futura is the most luxe shopping center in the country, boasting over 175 retailers ranging in all sorts of goods and services, from electronics to gifts to dining and movies.  

Finally, the Centro Comercial Zona 4 is one of the oldest retail areas in the country, specializing in a vast array of product, at the center of which would be the Paiz supermarkets and many bars.