Guatemala City’s web presence is sufficient, though disconcertingly small and unprofessional for such a populous city.

Enjoy Guatemala’s slice of site dedicated to the country’s capital is informative, if not as large as one would hope.

Visit Guatemala has a bunch of advice and destination detail for Guatemala City, and it may serve as an excellent way to test your Spanish language skills, seeing as how much of the site is not translatable to English, hard as you try to click to the contrary.

The section on the city is not too bad, though the relatively old web design and pervasiveness of ads is discomforting.  Still, the left-hand internal links are rather comprehensive and provide plenty of practical information for the first time visitor.

Fodor’s site is not bad either, but its inexplicable distaste for the city seems to color its content and limit the amount of travel advice provided. is an informative and fresh website about Guatemala. It is not easy to find the info on their first page because you have to dig down from the top general information link, but everything is there and surely Guatemala city has a big review, the writer is a Guatemalan that owns a small hotel and tour operator but goes beyond the typical destinations and shows hotels and other properties. Worth a check.