There are daily tourist shuttles from Antigua & Guatemala City to the village of Copan Ruinas, Honduras.  Trip takes apprx 5 hours. There are two shuttles per day; 4am and noon from Antigua. Price per person for shuttle is only $20.  The Hedman Alas bus line runs 1st class buses daily from Guatemala City & Antigua - Copan Ruinas.  Very comfortable, secure  & excellent service.

The village of Copan Ruinas is 7 miles from the El Florido border with Guatemala.  Most travellers spend at least two nights in Copan in order to tour the archeological site, museums, Macaw Mtn Bird Park, Hot Springs, etc.  The village of Copan Ruinas is small, quaint and very secure.  Virtually all restaurants, cafes & hotels are within a 4 block radius of the quaint Central Park.  It's a lovely town and the surrounding area is great for walking,hiking, etc.

 The ruins of Copan are unique and a must see for Maya archeology buffs.  The quantity and quality of sculpture is impressive and the site is located in a lovely forested setting.  The Maya Sculpture Museum is world class and contains some of the best examples of face and free standing sculpture from the ruins.