Everyone loves a good road trip. There's nothing like the sunshine beating down on you as you leap into your car and speed off onto the open road in search of adventure. And the Pacific coast, more like Costa Rica, is one of the best places to find it.

The quality of the road varies outrageously. Along the north western coast of Guanacaste there are really good tarmac roads, for the most part. However once you go inland on the Nicoya Peninsula – where it becomes hilly, more rural and less paved roads – you're in for a bumpy ride. But that's half the fun. Down by Flor Blanca, be careful what season you travel in, because during the rainy season there can be some seriously challenging rivers to cross. Let's just say that your rental car may take a hit!

Head to Costa Rica and you'll find dozens of remote, immaculate beaches lined with lush tropical jungles, offering a perfect place to relax and kick-back. Some of the coastline is mountainous so you can drive along the cliffs and look out the window at the most overwhelming views – the breathtaking mountains, sunny sky above and crashing waves below. Then before long, stumble across a golden arc of sand and stop off for a quick dip in the water. This is just a tiny excerpt of what a Costa Rican excursion may entail, and as most people find, travelling in Costa Rica is more of a wild journey than a mere trip. So pack your bags and open your minds!