There are dozens of articles and guidebooks available for planning a Colorado ski-tip to Aspen , below are but a few of the select offerings that will aid the Aspen sightseer in preparing and enjoying an outing.

Aspen in Color by Warren Ohlrich will certainly whet the hiker’s appetite.  Its lush photographs of the central Colorado mountainscapes that overwhelm the city make not only for an excellent coffeetable centerpiece, but a series of memories for the returning tourist of the stunning scenery that was left behind as well.

Ohlrich also authored Aspen/Snowmass Trails: Hiking Trails Guide to help the aspiring hiker find his/her footing through charts, maps, and details of the various routes to be taken when exploring the dramatic scenery.  100 Classic Hikes in Colorado by Scott S. Warren serves much the same purpose.

The Story of Aspen: The History of Aspen As Told Through the Stories of Its People has  a rather self-descriptive title, furnishing the reader with some background to the city before he/she makes the trek out to ski central.  Understanding the city’s past is one of the best ways to gather the invaluable information a visitor would need to possess to undergo the most fulfilling and enlightening Aspen excursion possible.