The city of Aspen not only hits heights in its mountainous slopes but also in its sophisticated cultural scene.  

Although, as far as the fine arts are concerned, there is no bad time to visit Aspen, the summer music festival has been a draw to the area for over fifty years.  Acclaimed musicians and guest speakers make the trek north annually to contribute to the festival’s success.  In addition, in mid-autumn the Aspen film festival provides viewers with a large slice of the nation’s cinematic edge.

The Aspen Art Museum, located away from downtown along the beautiful Rio Grande Trail, furnishes the art buff with collections and tours enough to be busy for hours.  The Wheeler/Stallard Museum, maintained in conjunction with the city’s historical society, is a capsule of rural Victorian America worth checking out, and the Wheeler Opera House houses so much more than its name suggests—from comedy to contemporary music to any other snippet of culture that makes its way up to this famous mountain town.  

Though known first and foremost for its ski resorts, Aspen’s entertainment and society industries cannot be dismissed.