Aspen has a rich architectural heritage few would suspect it of possessing.  

The city’s Wheeler/Stallard Museum , for example, prides itself on representing the Queen Anne style abode that typified the real estate of the 19-century Victorian upper-class.  Run by the Aspen Historical Society, tours of this quaint red brick mansion, which are offered throughout the year, give guests an architectural impression not only of 1800’s Aspen, but of America in general.

In its construction of ski-resorts just before and after the Second World War, designers needed standards from which to make their models.  They found them in the balconies of the chalet style ubiquitous in the European resorts of the Alps.  Some of these chalets, such as Cresta Haus, still exist.  

Modernist architectural influences can also be seen in the low horizontals of many lodges in the city, such as the Boomerang Lodge.  The city’s administration has a strong bent towards historical preservation, and, as such, has done much in the way to keep intact its diverse architectural history that runs the gamut from Swiss Baroque to rustic to Bauhaus School.