Don’t be fooled by the island’s small size; Avalon and its surrounding area offer many interesting events and activities to visitors. The island is surrounded by many beaches and coves, many with mooring or anchoring spots so that you can go there directly from the mainland. Once on the island, you can do a variety of aquatic activities such as kayaking, sailing or snorkeling. Fishing is also good in this area, with sea bass and mackerel being abundant. However, you will need a license, and the natural conservation programs on Catalina Island set strict limits on type and number of fish that can be caught.

Activities that take advantage of the natural landscape are very popular on the island. Avalon sponsors several walks, runs and triathlons a year. There are also rugby festivals, hoe-downs and fishing derbies where people can relax and have some old-fashioned fun. Hiking and biking permits are required on the island due to the island’s protected environment, but hiking permits are free.

Catalina Conservancy offers two monthly programs designed to teach visitors and locals about the island’s history and environment; one is a hike on the first Saturday of each month, and the other is an evening nature program on the second Wednesday. During the summer, they also hold a series of free naturalist programs that include nature walks, hikes or camping.  Catalina Island Conservancy

On the west end of the island Two Harbors has much to offer including over 700 moorings,campgrounds, restaurant & bar, general store, Banning House B & B and a dive and recreation center with scuba lessons, snorkel, kayaks and mountain bikes, for more go to Two Harbors