Books on New Mexico

Easy read books with an intention of giving the reader a feeling or historical knowledge of the State.

(Not Travel or Guide Books )

FICTION  - Contemporary

  • Rudolfo Anaya, author, Alburquerque. A story of the largest city in New Mexico, giving a sense of the cultural mixes, long-term political clashes in a contemporary setting.  A good explanation of the multi-diversity that exists in the state such as the Hispanic north/south clash, influx of Mexican immigrates, and Anglo influence. (The title retains an older "r".)  Anaya's BlessMe, Ultima is a modern classic, poetic in its depiction of rural New Mexico.
  • Pari Noskin Taichert, author,  The Belen Hitch & The Clovis Incident.  A detective series with a marvelous single, female, 49ish character who stumbles onto a mystery and refuses to leave well enough alone.  Good description of local towns and the environs to include actual small town political intrigues. 
  • John Nichols, author,  The Milagro Beanfield War.  A funny story of northern New Mexico culture when traditional water rights are threatened by development.  Part of a trilogy.
  • Tony Hillerman, author.  Several in a series of Navajo detective stories.


FICTION -  Biographical


FICTION - Historical 

  • Willa Cather, author,  Death Comes for the Archbishop.    A narrative of a fictional French Jesuit missionary priest, who comes to Santa Fe years after the Pueblo Revolt.  He is sent to reinvigorate and rein in the Catholic Churches in the region.  The book is a series of vignettes of rogue priests, devout Catholics, honorable Indians, wealthy Mexican ranchers, and throughout, the struggle of human kind to live a dignified life in the face of adversity.   The book is based on Bishop Lamy.  This is probably a book that could be found in international book stores.


NON-FICTION - Contemporary 



NON-FICTION - Biographical



NON-FICTION - Historical