The southerly approach to the trail begins about 11 miles up from Lake Mead, quite a ways from where it used to. The northerly approach is off the road leading into the Valley of Fire State Park. This is south of I-15 which runs into Las Vegas. The landscape is a mix of rugged mountains and hill as well as wide gravel washes. Desert scrub is the predominant flora along with some stunted trees.

Once on the trail you will see evidence that BLM (Bureau of Land Management) had moved the entrance due to a pretty severe wash-out.  This area has lots of side trails which run basically alongside the marked trail, and work through washes, bluffs and deep gravel/sand. As you pass by the abandoned Borax Mine there will be a section of tumbled boulders that will take some skill to maneuver. High centering the vehicle is a distinct possibility. Make sure you have supplies and water for at least 24 hours. GPS mapping software would be helpful; a map of the trail from BLM would work just as well. The trail itself is intermediate to expert. Do not attempt if you do not have a high-clearance vehicle with skid plate and hi-lift jack.