CF1FC Card doesn't have any real discounts like your American counter parts. But there are some money-saving possibilities for military visiting the US.

This little article will be most helpful for Canadian Soldiers and family because it will point out discounts only available to Candian Soldiers. As a Canadian and a Canadian Soldier you can  love Canada but enjoy the warmth of Florida. Always looking for discounts and to maximize the vacation travel for the least amount of money. Usually like to use two to three weeks of leave in the summer leaving enough for Christmas and March break. It always depends on how many special and short you are going to get.

Well lets start off with travelling to the USA. If you drive, you can see and do so much more. This isn't a DND tip only but a good one to know when trying to fill up your car. When you use your credit card the pump will ask for a zip code, use the numbers in your postal code and add two zeros to the end. Like this K0J 1M3 = 01300.

Alright enough of that here are the things you've been waiting for.

  1. Hotels - Canadians can stay on military bases in the US; this could be possible (but may be hard to find) and  they run you about $40 and up. You can stay at the Double tree Hilton in Orlando for $49 using the Salute to the Heroes program. Doubletree Parking is an extra $10 but it is a very nice $100 plus a night hotel. No free breakfast or wifi though.

  2. Shopping - Use your Military ID when your shopping, you'll be suprised how many companies support the troops and offer 10 to 15 % off merchandise. A favorite is UA who offers 10% off.

  3. Golf -  Same idea use your military ID for discounts but you can also play golf on military bases around the US with excellent rates. Play golf on the East coast of Florida for $15 with a power cart. BEAT THAT.

  4. GOOGLE - Use google for promo codes for hotels and restaurants. Use words like PROMO, MILITARY, HERO, and variations of those words.

Finally if you find any other CANADIAN MILITARY DISCOUNTS for USA travel add them or post them so they can all enjoy their time off.