Art Nouveau buildings of Riga

If you want to experience a part of Riga that is beautiful, magnificent, breathtaking and unusual, you should take a walk on Albertas Iela (Albert Street). When you step onto Albertas Iela, it feels like you have just made it to architectural heaven. You don't need to be an architect to appreciate the beauty of these buildings - all you need to do is take a step back and admire the courage, dexterity and talent of the people carving, plastering and molding all the different aspects of the facades.

You won't be alone admiring the facades - groups of different sizes are brought to the street by professional tour guides but you don't need others to explain, why the buildings are as popular as they are. Just the sheer amount of colour and yes, slight pomposity, clinging to the buildings' facades is enough to make you a believer.

There is so much to see, it is almost impossible to digest every single detail at once. Taking photographs and filming every inch of the facades would give you a hobby to last for a lifetime.

Albertas Iela, Elizabetes Iela and Strelnieku Iela are all full of art nouveau and you can be sure there will be something special for every viewer.