If you’re looking to take in the Lithuanian countryside at all, or even just to explore the area around Vinius then you might want to consider renting a car. Several major rental car services are located at the airport and have offices throughout the city. The roads in Lithuania are actually well maintained and the country is small enough that driving around will let you see a lot of it.

Check ahead of time to see if automatic transmissions are available, but chances are most of the cars will likely be manual transmission, or stick shift. A variety of cars is likely available, but from the region services you’re likely to find much smaller cars. Air conditioning isn’t always available but chances are you might not always need it, especially since much of the driving is going to be on country roads and through the towns rather than on a major highway. With the winds down you can take in the fresh air of the Baltics. 

An international drivers license is not necessary, but if you’re planning on driving through the region you should know that you are required to have a VISA to cross into Russia. However, you can travel to Poland with just a passport.

Taxicabs are also another option and you can reserve a car ahead of time or even get a cab at many of the larger destinations within the city center. Lithuania has a very unique taxi culture. If you call the taxi company, prices are much cheaper than if you simply climb into a waiting taxi cab. For example, you can call a taxi and pay approximately  about 5-6 euros for a trip from the Vilnius Airport to the old town. For comparison you will pay approximately about 15 euros for the same trip to a taxi waiting at the airport. If you do climb into a waiting taxi, be sure to confirm the fare before beginning your journey. Strongly recommendation to use only that taxi cars wich are with yellow number plates on cars.

 It is possible to order car with driver in advance for your Vilnius airport transfer in advance, it can be not only sedan taxi car, but also minivan for 4-8 person. When you order private transfer from Vilnius airport by car, you are sure, that price will be fixed, driver will meet you at the arrival hall, helps with baggage. Transfer to Kaunas and other cities possible