Getting there

On top of its own international airport Maribor is within 2 hours to 3 international airports (Graz, Ljubljana and Zagreb). There used to be a direct connection to Maribor (MBX) from London Stansted but it was withdrawn at the end of March 2008. The airport is now seeking new airline partner and it is hoped the connection to London will be soon restored.

In the mean time it is advised to fly to Graz or Ljubljana

Getting around

Public transport in Maribor is good with a substantial bus network and the price for a single ticket is €1 ($1 roughly) if you purchase it on a bus or 70 cents if you purchase it in advance at newsagents that are scattered around the city. The newsagents sell tickets for 2 journeys ($1,38), 6 journeys ($3,92), 20 journeys ($12,48), a daily travel card ($2,5), a weekend travel card ($5) and a one week travel card ($10,43).

For more detailed explorations of the surrounding areas you can rent a car in most tourist agencies around the city but the best options are online with prices starting at $34 per day for a seven-day contract.

The cheapest option is to walk and Maribor can easily be explored by foot. Most shopping centers, open markets, pubs, bars, restaurants, cafés and attractions are within or in a close proximity to the city center.