The  Jazdow street  leads to a colony of small rural wooden houses with  small gardens.  Houses were constructed  under 1945, after II WW, as a temporary solution to lack of flats in  destroyed CIty. Houses origin from finish war repatriation (II WW) in favour of  ZSRR , and then were given away to Poland. During construction of  Palace of Culture,  houses were inhabited by workers.  Nowadays Jazdow is beautiful part of Warsaw.  The walk over Jazdow one can start  from Rozdroze Place. The nicest access is from Ujazdowski castle. Close to Ujazdowski  castle,  there is a small bridge over Trasa  Lazienkowska, only for pedestrians. After crossing the bridge, one is comming to the Jazdow.  Jazdow is safe, inhabited area.