Charles Bridge

No time is the wrong time to visit this city that will no doubt capture your heart! 

Prague is lovely in the summer. For those of you saying "Summer!?  It's too hot.  I'll be melting into the cobbletones."  Honestly, it's not heat as you may know it (depending on where you live of course).  Granted, some days may be "sweltering" but that's not too common and all in all, Prague summers are beautiful and considered mild by most standards. It is soooo gorgeous when the trees and flowers are all in bloom and people are outside enjoying themselves at cafes.  The ONLY downside of visiting in the summer is that it is more crowded with tourists since many people choose the summer months to travel and kids/college kids are out of school, but everyone is in good spirits and although the Old Town Square may be busy with people; it's just as busy during Christmas and the Holiday season. 

Fall and Spring are great times to go too since the crowds thin out, but the temps are much cooler.  Which is great for many! 

Winter is gorgeous as well... when you're strolling down a narrow cobblestoned street and the snow begins to fall there is just something so romantic in the air, you can't help but feel warmth in your heart.  Many days are overcast and cold, and sometimes it is sooo cold that it goes right through you and all you can do is stop in a cafe and enjoy a hot coffee or a Svarak (hot mulled wine), but as long as you wear layers and have a warn down coat with a hood or a hat, you'll be fine.  In December, there are cloudy days with a lot of snow, but it doesn't feel too cold, and then sunshine that beams down makes everything glisten.  It is majestic.

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall....they are all wonderful times to explore this beautiful city.  If you want to sit at outdoor cafes on the Vltava in the warm sunshine, then visit in late spring, summer, or even early fall.  If you want to snuggle up with a blanket on a horse-drawn carriage ride and be part of their Christmas & Holiday festivities, then winter is splendid.  Keep in mind too that if you plan on taking side trips to visit castles or other parts of the country, then that may hinder when you go as well.  Many castles close for the winter season so be sure to keep that in mind.  Typically they're open until late Sept./Oct.  If skiing is your thing, then the mountains are a short drive from the city and offer great sking... Krkonose being the most popular.

No matter when you go, you will fall in love with this magical city.  Prague will pull at your heartstrings for an eternity.

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