Church of San Andres

The Church of San Andres is located at Plaza de San Andres. It was one of the first churches built in the 13th century after the Christian conquest of the city by Alfonso IX of Leon in 1274. Later this church was then pulled down. In 1548 Pedro Gonzalez de Valverde and his wife Isabel Enriquez founded the Convent of Madre de Dios de Valverde. The current church is found in that convent, and it was altered in 1842. In the 19th century the architect Francisco Morales Hernandez altered the church and gave it its present look. The church has one nave with several chapels that communicate with each other. This is topped with a barrel vault and a little cupola with a lantern. There is a retable of the 16th century that has paintings about the martyrdom of San Sebastian. There is a bell tower and three facades that open on the Plaza de San Andres and the Calle de San Blas. The main facade was opened in the 1940s to enable the parade of the Brotherhood of San Andres. There is a niche above the door that has a sculpture of San Andres, flanked by coats of arms of the Brotherhood of San Andres and that of Bishop Jose Maria Alcaraz Alenda, who directed the parish from 1930 to 1971. The two baroque façade of the 18th century must be mentioned as in one of them the Marqués de Monreal coat of arms is displayed.