One of the reasons that Launceston is such a popular destination for tourists is because of its mild and pleasant climate.  Its latitude is 42 degrees south, which is comparable to Lisbon, Portugal in the Northern Hemisphere.  The city's summer temperatures average in the mid 70's with very low humidity, perfect for outdoor activities.  During the winter temperatures in the range 5 to 10 degrees C (40 to 50 F) are common, rarely dropping below freezing.  The spring and fall months in Launceston are also very nice, averaging in the 20s C (50s and 60s F).

Regardless of the temperature, Launceston is generally very sunny and visitors are recommended to bring sunblock along with them no matter what time of year they are there.

The main tourist season is from October to May, which is when its outdoor activities are best and  most of its festivals are held.

For an up to date weather forecast on Launceston visit MSN's Weather's  Launceston page.