There are plenty of options for getting around Christchurch, and can be broken down in to two categories: public transportation and private transportation.

            The options for public transportation are busses and taxis.

            There are two main buses operating within the city.  The Christchurch Shuttle is a free service that makes laps around the central city area.  It is not only free but also environmentally friendly, using electric hybrid vehicles.  For more information visit Free Shuttle.  The bus company that services the larger Christchurch area is actually the same one that provides the free shuttle service, and is called the Red Bus Ltd.   The two major services offered by Red Bus are the City Flyer Airport Bus and the Metrostar cross suburban bus.  The central bus station is located in downtown Christchurch, and has information about all available lines.  A day pass that allows unlimited travel on any of the Red Bus lines is $10 NZD.  A complete Timetable of all available routes can be found on the Red Bus website.

            Taxis are readily available throughout the city of Christchurch, with a number of companies offering services.  Fares are standard across the board.  See NZ Taxi Info for more information.  A few companies operating in the area can be found at Christchurch Taxis.

            The main option for private transportation is renting a car.  There are many rental car agencies around the Christchurch area, some of which can be found near the airport.  Check out Rental Companies for contact information of some of those in the Christchurch area. 

Among the benefits of renting a car is the opportunity to explore the Christchurch area beyond the bus routes.  Akaroa and Hanmer Springs are both great day trips from Christchurch.  Rental Cars New Zealand is an affordable option with an outlet near the airport.