Rotorua has some great Restaurants & Cafes for those who want fine dining you can't go wrong with Le Manoir at Hamurana Lodge or Bistro 1284 both have won loads of awards. For those who want more of a cafe setting there are a couple of goodies, if you're into Bagels & Mountain Bikes you have to go to Zippy Central home of the Bikers. There is also a favourite that is always a must to visit whilst in Rotorua it's right on Fenton Street called Ciccio, they have simply the best food and cakes to die for, usually have one cake there and one to take home. There are also restaurants in all the major hotels which are open a bit later than those in town. If you're caught out late at night when everything has closed there is a great Chinese place called Hong Kong. Takeaways just up the street from Valentines, very clean and the people are friendly.