Visit Chillagoe Caves - Queensland Outback

It may depend on the weather and state of the road at the time you intend to venture west from Cairns to Chillagoe, but for something different a day trip there (or even an over-nighter) is recommended. The famous Chillagoe caves, are ancient "coral reefs" from 400 million years ago. The town itself was once a booming copper producer, these days marble is still mined there, and cattle are run.

Map showing Chillagoe's location

It's a bit of a hike from Cairns at about 200 kms (125 miles), or around 2.5 hours driving time. You may need to check with the RACQ  or Chillagoe Police as to the current state of the road during the summer monsoon season.

The town's museum boasts " A small local museum displaying the history of Chillagoe, including: mining, smelters, caves, natural history, Aboriginal artefacts, old projectors and a mineral and marble display. Open 9am to 5pm daily."

Organised tours of the caves  are available with a Aussie Parks & Wildlife Ranger, at a very reasonable rate.

Chillagoe has it's own country pub (or two) where you can get a counter lunch and a cold beer.

This small outback Queensland country town offers a taste of the Queensland outback.

Well worth considering if you find yourself going into "lush-green-rainforest" overload while visiting the North Queensland area.

Billy Tea Bush Safari's offer a one day tour that visits Chillagoe and includes a tour of the caves.

Cape Your Tours offer a great range of tours in the Cape York region.

The Savannahlander travels to Almaden, close to Chillagoe, and transfers and tours of Chillagoe and the caves can be arranged.

Chillagoe Info

Chillagoe Cabins website (good links to tours, cave photo's, and other info)

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Chillagoe Observatory & Eco Lodge also gets good T/A reviews

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