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There are a lot of choices to make when considering how best to dive The Great Barrier Reef. What boats go to the best places? How long should a liveaboard trip be? What boats and itineraries are suitable for beginners/experienced divers? What is meant by the "Outer Barrier Reef"? Will this boat dive the Cod Hole? 

A lot of people make mistakes when booking their diving in the GBR and come away with less than an ideal impression of it. You can avoid such mistakes by getting answers to all your questions from an impartial and independent agent like Dive The World. Get guidance on which liveaboard that will best meet your needs. Make sure you make the choices that are right for you and that your experience of the GBR is one to remember, for all the right reasons! :)

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 Coral Sea Dreaming

Very similar to Vagabond, this is a live aboard sail boat that sleeps 12 plus a crew of 2-3, (Skipper/Divermaster/Cook). They do 2 day/1 night trips to the GBR and are very professionally run. Alcohol is included on some trips but officially it's BYOB.  Soda/Juice was $2 each. Meals are well prepared. Dive sites are spectacular and the company prides itself as having the best access to the reef. Note that all companies have different designated dives sites and it is often better to go with smaller operations like this, where you won't be inundated with the big day trippers and floating hotel passengers (who travel in very large packs).   Dive groups on the sail boats tend to be small (just 2-4 divers on boat) and dives are indeed exceptional. 4-5 dives available per trip including optional night dive.  The boat travels to Flynn, Milne and Thetford reefs and snorkelling is as good as the diving. Dive masters are professional, capable and informative.   Cruises have a peaceful, relaxed pace.  Highly recommended for those wanting to escape the mass tourism of the bigger boats.  


Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

Since 1969 Mike Ball has been setting standards in the Australian dive industry with exceptional liveaboard expeditions to the Great Barrier Reef and Coral Sea. Spoilsport’s twin hull design maximizes your comfort in all weather conditions. Expeditions suit both novice divers and the adventuresome diver seeking exciting big fish and shark action. Novice divers are given the opportunity to enhance their skills with complimentary orientation dives, and experienced divers are given the freedom to do their own thing. It is our attention to detail that sets us apart and puts a smile on your face. In 2004 Mike Ball was the world’s first liveaboard operator inducted into the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame. Mike Ball Dive Expeditions makes world class diving a world-class experience.


Reef Encounter 

Cairns liveaboard floating hotel, Reef Encounter, caters to scuba divers and snorkellers and offers outstanding overnight trips to the pristine Northern Outer Great Barrier Reefs. With 21 air conditioned, en-suite, ocean view cabins Reef Encounter offers comfort in the heart of Australias natural wonder. Voyaging between Reefs, guests enjoy multiple outer Great Barrier Reef locations during each day spent aboard this award winning vessel.

With daily departures from Cairns via a transfer vessel, guests can choose the number of nights they wish to spend onboard and are not limited with return and departure dates. http://www.reefencounter.com.au/  Telephone + 61 7 4051 5777

Spirit of Freedom

Spirit of Freedom offers unsurpassed Great Barrier Reef diving, aboard one of Australia’s largest, liveaboard dive vessels.  Certified as an Advanced Ecotourism Operator through Ecotourism Australia, Spirit of Freedom is committed to protecting the unique reef environment, whilst allowing visitors to explore and enjoy its majestic wonders.

For a comprehensive blog about what to expect on Spirit of Freedom check out this page - Spirit of Freedom Trip Reports


Taka is a very well-organized, clean and capable 30 meter monohull.   It is one of 3 dive boats from Cairns capable of accessing Osprey Reef, which requires steaming outside the protection of the Great Barrier Reef for a bit. The food is exceptionally good and (too) plentiful. One dives up to 4 times a day, the tours are optionally guided by friendly and experienced divemaster/instructors.  

The crew is friendly and fun, and the ambiance is youthful and adventurous. Taka requires divers to be certified, so there are no beginners to slow you down. If one waits till last minute, they're quite willing to deal on the price.

They will also go to Osprey Reef where they do their famous "shark feed."   Make sure that they expect good weather, because otherwise Taka will be unable to get to that destination. 


Vagabond Dive

**There have been reports that this business is no longer offering trips. If there is evidence to the contrary, please make appropriate corrections/updates.** - TripAdvisor moderators

This is a live aboard sail boat that sleeps 12 plus a crew of 3, ( a captain/dive master, a dive instructor & a cook ). They do 2 or 3 day trips to the GBR.  12 people on a 3 day trip would be a bit cramped but usually they are not full capacity.  Their dive instructor is PADI certified and can complete open water PADI course divework.   The class work and the pool sessions must be completed before the trip.  If you are looking for personal attention and a peaceful experience this is an ideal choice.

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