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Brisbane hosts many sporting events throughout the year. cricket, rugby union, rugby league, soccer, netball, basketball, AFL to name a few.


There is are a wide variety of sporting event held in Brisbane, with something to suit just about everyone.

Rugby Union

Queensland Rugby http://www.qru.com.au/find_a_club,626...

Rugby Australia http://www.rugby.com.au/

The Queensland rugby union team are called the REDS, and while an interstate or a Brisbane league competition are good to attend, they are nothing compared to one of the big international matches. If you happen to be in town when the Wallabies are playing i would highly recommend going.


Rugby League

Australian Rugby League http://www.australianrugbyleague.com.au/

NRL http://www.nrl.com/

Broncos (broken link removed)

Brisbane is for the most part a League City. The Broncos are much loved (even when stuck in a losing streak) and their home games are great fun to attend. The best games to attend each season are the State of origin matches which are between QLD and NSW.... players say that it is more intense than playing international matches. The state of origin competition stems from a long standing feud bewteen NSW and QLD (they still can't forgive the fact that we split from them), and each year a seris of 3 matches is played (2 in one state and 1 in the other - alternating years). as far as rugby league is concerned this is as good as the game gets, and nothing brings out true QLD pride like the state of origin.



Roar http://www.qldroar.com.au/

A league http://www.a-league.com.au/

the A league is the newly reinstated national soccer competition, and it seems to be doing very well. the standard of soccer in Australia is improving and a trip to one of QLD roars matches is a good way to spend an evening.




Lions http://lions.com.au/

The lions are the pride and joy of Brisbane town. By and large AFL is based in the southern states and it has been the cause of much consernation amongst the clubs in Melbourne and Sydney that our northern team has been so sucessful over the years. a lions game at the Gabba, particually if it is against Collingwood is electric, and a great way to see this unique game in action.




The Gabba plays host to many local and international tests and one day competitions every year.



Firebirds http://firebirds.netballq.org.au/




Suncorp stadium