While a relatively new city, Canberra is truly a cultural center in Australia. As with other national capitals, such as Washington DC, this city is home to numerous museums, memorials and other important edifying places to visit. Visitors to Canberra can also see the Australian government in action. Several of the Commonwealth government buildings around the city are open to the general public. These include the Australian Parliament House, the Australian High Court and even the Royal Australian Mint. Consult the official Web sites for more information on visiting.

Among the most important national monuments in Canberra is the Australian War Memorial, which serves as a reminder to those sacrifices made by Australia since its independence in 1901. Tens of thousands of Australian men volunteered to serve during the First World War (The Great War as it was then known), and their service as wells as those who fought in World War II and other conflicts are remembered. Today the memorial is home to numerous military artifacts from various conflicts.

Canberra is also home to the National Archives of Australia , which includes reading rooms, and galleries where important Commonwealth documents and records are available for public browsing. For more information call 1300-866-881. The National Library of Australia also features exhibits on the history of the land down under.