Like many aspects subject to globalis(z)ation, tipping for good service has become more common Down Under.

Most restaurants and pubs have tipping jars, and showing appreciation for good personal service with a tip is not uncommon in cities and at popular tourist destinations.

As anywhere else in the world, tipping in Australia is entirely voluntary, and noone should feel obligated to tip.

Australian tourist establishments are generally quite honest and will not add anything to a bill that is not clearly specified. 

In years long gone, all workers in Australia were legally entitled to a livable wage, 4 weeks paid leave, paid sick leave and superannuation (retirement benefits). Today, many - particularly in the tourism and hospitality industries - are working part-time, are on limited working or student visas, or serve as subcontractors without these benefits.

More: "Is Australia at a tipping point, literally?" CNBC, 2013