Delos is the sacred island of Apollo and has a distance of 6 miles from Mykonos. Delos Island provided safety to travelers and it was inhabited since the 3rd millennium BC. Until the 14th century BC the island was not famous, but around 1000 BC Ions came to the island and they transferred th island in to an important worshiping center of Apollo. Ions from Minor Asia and the Aegean celebrated in the island once a year. In the 6th century Peisistratus, a tyrant of Athens at that time tried to make Delos dependant of Athens but failed. The Tyrant of Samos, Polykratis managed what Peisistratus failed. When his tyranny ended the island was in depended and even recognized by the Persians who did not attack it, even when the Persian wars started. At the end of the Persian wars Athenians dominated the island several times. At the period 314 BC to 166 BC Delos was independed. In 166 BC the Athenians dominated again and removed all the people of Delos from the island. Christianity and Roman Eastern empire contributed in the final abandonment of the island in the 5th century AD.