The best times of year to visit Ravello, as well as the rest of Italy, are either in the early spring (March or April) or the fall (September or October). The springtime in Ravello is beautiful since the foliage starts to turn green at this time of year and the flowers begin to bloom. The temperature in the spring is also very pleasant.

In the fall, the weather is in transition from the heat of the summer to the cool winters, so tourists can enjoy their vacation without being uncomfortably hot or miserably cold. During the fall, there are many fewer tourists in Ravello than in the spring or summer. Most visitors to the area come during June and July, despite the fact that those months can be quite hot and unpleasantly humid.

One of the negatives of visiting Ravello during the fall is that many of the local stores and family-owned restaurants are not open at this time of year. Because the fall is typically when tourism is at its lowest, local business owners tend to use this time to take their vacations out of town. However, fall is also the time of year when tourist can usually find the best deals on hotels and airfare or different types of vacation packages.