One free activity in Praiano is the beach.  There are two beaches in Praiano - one right beside the Church on the main strip, and the second beside the Africana Famous Club.

This article is for the beach close to the Africana Famous Club, right in front of Alfonso Restaurant and Hotel, called Marina di Praia.

Depending on from where you're coming, you will enter either by the steps leading down from Africana Famous Club off of the main road SS163, or if you're coming from the Amalfi direction, the way to enter will be by the Alfonso Restaurant.

The steps leading down from Africana Famous Club lead down to a lagoon beach that is best visited early in the morning or late in the evening. The sun is behind the big rock until at least noon every day. The water is cleanest in the morning before all the boat tours start to Capri. There is a rocky portion of the beach as well as the concrete part right next to it. Beach shoes would be good, as the pebbles are very hard on the feet.

Right before the beach there is a romantic walk that leads around the bed and the rocks, along the water, leading back to Africana Famous Club.  This area is more secluded, so if you want a more private beach experience, there are some rocks one can set up at and swim here.  The water is also cleaner as there are no boats on this side.

As you're coming down, there is a tower on the water that houses a pottery shop and workshop that is free to enter.