Although various groups of hunters had lived in the area for hundreds of years, Montecatini Terme is a relatively young city, having only developed within the past two hundred years.  

            The city is today one of Europe’s main spa destinations, and since the time of its development, people have been attracted to the area’s natural beauty. 

            The major development of this spa city took place during the 19th century.  During this time the city was called Bagni di Montecatini, and its construction was based around the spa park.  The spa park is a huge green area in the middle of the city that encompasses more than 460,000 square meters.  It is almost always lush and green because of the area’s most valuable recourse, water.

            The city center is based around an area called Tettuccio, or the spa center.  Adjacent to this area is the commercial center of the city called the Piazza del Popolo.

            The city’s original basilica was built in the square in 1833, but was torn down in 1962 because it was too small for the city’s population.  A newer, larger version was built in its place.

            During the 20th century, the area saw a surge in tourism, and many buildings were rebuilt or refurbished.

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