Travel & Medical Insurance 

Discuss with your Doctor ( General Practitioner - GP ) what your travel insurance policy should cover based on your unique medical history and the daily cocktail of medications that you are prescribed to inhale, inject or swallow. 

Here is a link to information about travel insurance. It is meant as a preliminary advice source only. What is the cost of travel insurance offered by your travel agent (TA) ? It makes a difference if you are after travel insurance for a single trip or an annual policy to cover a number of international trips ( business and or pleasure ).

Always start by asking your credit card provider whether your credit card provides complimentary travel insurance if you purchase your airline ticket with that credit card. Enquire about upgrading your credit card from bronze to silver, gold or platinum to gain complimentary travel insurance. What is the cost of the credit card upgrade? It is cost justified in your eyes. It will depend on your status with your bank etc whether you are offered a no fee upgrade. You may or may not be charged an annual fee on your existing and on your new upgraded card. Make a list of a few simple questions and phone or visit the credit card provider ( bank or credit union or ? ) and  ask your questions. Online tool Credit Card Navigator can also help you find out more details about the medical travel insurance available through your credit card.

What is the cost of travel insurance provided by your existing household and or car insurance provider ? Are you a member of a road service organisation ? These are some examples AA or AAA or CAA or NRMA. What will they charge you for travel insurance ? You can also review visitor travel insurance comparison sites like or

For international traveller - consider carrying an international travel insurance plan that provides coverage for both travel and medical emergencies. To get an idea about the pricing and the benefits, refer to site likes (speciallizing in internnational travel insurance) or contact for recommendations and assistance to obtain a suitable travel insurance policy.

Travel Insurance