Vienna has, simply put, the finest public transport system in Europe. Well, OK - that's difficult to prove, but it certainly scores highly on all counts. A network of bus and tram routes combines with an underground (subway) system that is still being developed and extended and suburban rail lines extend some way into the countryside. Moreover, transport within Vienna city limits is integrated, meaning that one ticket is valid on any form of public transport.

Ticket Acquisition: 

Tickets are bought from ticket offices or machines situated in railway and underground stations and at the larger bus/tram stops. Single-journey tickets can be bought on board buses and trams, but cost a little more.

Tickets are also available at most Tabaks (shops selling newspapers, cigarettes etc.- easily found as each has a sign " TABAK " outside).

Tickets can be bought online. You can print them yourself or download to a phone. You can also buy online your ticket to and from the airport which saves having to struggle with a ticket machine on arrival.


Ticket/Pass Availability: 

Current prices (from the website of WienerLinien) are:

Single journey - €2.20 or €2.30 if bought on board

NB A single journey is a journey between two points which must not be broken. However you can make changes of transportation type (eg from tram to underground) or between lines (eg from one tram line or underground line to another) as often as needed as long as the journey is continuous (allowing for waits for trains, buses, trams to arrive at the stops).

"24-Stunden Wien" - 24 hour travelcard: €7.60

"48-Stunden Wien" - 48 hour travelcard: €13.30

"72-Stunden Wien" - 72 hour travelcard: €16.50

"Wiener Einkaufskarte" - 12 hour travelcard (designed for shoppers) valid between 8am and 8pm (Sunday excluded): €6.10

"8 Tage Wien" - 8 day travel card: €38.40 (can be used for eight days travel for one person or any combination up to one days travel for 8 people.  Days of use do not need to be consecutive)

Also available for seniors is a two trip ticket for €2.80 

Wochenkarte - 7 day Zone 100 (city centre) travelcard €16.20 (All forms of transport - but beware:  valid from 00:00 Monday to 09:00 the following Monday regardless of what day of the week you buy it!  Buy it on a Sunday and you get less than one day's use!)

Ticket Validation and Fines: 

Tickets must be validated in the blue machines either on the platforms or on board (buses & trams only) - the period of validity starts at the time stamped on the ticket. So a 24 hour ticket stamped at 10.30 on Saturday morning will be valid until 10.30 on Sunday morning, regardless of exactly when the ticket was purchased. Ticket inspections are carried out regularly, sometimes assisted by police officers. If you cannot produce a valid and correct ticket, you will have to pay a fine of €100.

Tickets bought online are valid from the date and time you specify at the time of purchase and so don't need validating.  

System Maps and Orientation:

The standard Vienna city map published by the city tourist office shows most public transport lines, and further information can be had at the official Wiener Linien website or maps created inofficially. (Subway and Urban Rail Lines) (Urban Rail, Subway, Tram, Bus)

If you are having a hard time reading the maps and figuring out which lines to use and where to change to get from one point in Vienna to another, try the "Time Table Information / Route Map" tool prominently featured on the homepage of the Wienerlinien website (English version available): simple fill in the addresses (some important sites such as just 'airport' will work as well) and time of trip and the system will calculate the best connection, telling you exactly which line to take and where to change.

A popular line with tourists is tram number 1 or 2, which travel around the Ringstrasse and give views of some of the sights including the Opera, Hofburg Palace, Parliament building, Rathaus, Votivkirche, Burgtheater and University.  Sadly these two trams no longer make complete circuits of the Ringstrasse, but there are numerous overlap stations where you can change between them to complete the full circular tour.

There is a new, yellow Ring Tram which does make the full circuit and includes a commentary on the various sights passed using screens and headphones. It is aimed primarily at tourists and is expensive compared to a circular tour using trams 1 & 2 which cost €1.80 for a single journey or are included in any city transport pass as above.

 The Ring Tram prices are:

  • 1 Ring Tour (1/2 hour): €8
  • 1 Ring Tour (1/2 hour) child: €4

For all trams each stop will have a route map and schedule posted .  Many have electronic displays showing when trams are due.

Services during night:

Please note operating hours as on weekdays lines stop running late in the evening about 1 AM depending on the line. The underground lines now run throughout the night on Friday and Saturday nights. A series of Night Lines are available and are identified with an "N". These buses can be used with the regular tickets.

Additional information on Subway System and its Development:

The underground (subway) system is relatively modern, the first section having been opened in 1978. Line U1, represented in Red, runs roughly north-south, line U3 (orange) runs east-west. These two lines cross at Stephansplatz/City station in the centre of the city. Line U2 (purple) originates from Karlsplatz and terminates now at Aspernstrasse in the 22nd District with a stop in front of the Vienna Convention Center (Messe Wien). Line U4 (green) links the north with the west via a loop around the east side of the centre.

Finally, line U6 (brown) is rather older than the rest, being based on the old "Stadtbahn" railway built at the turn of the century, and uses tram-style trains. The line is raised rather than underground for much of its length, particularly the section that runs alongside the Gürtel (outer ring-road), and the stations are in the Jugenstil (Art-Nouveau) style, designed by Otto Wagner.

Astute readers will note that there is no Line U5 and the bureaucratic mess that led to the proposed line never being built still rankles with the Viennese.

Transportation in Greater Vienna:

 If you intend leaving Vienna on public transportation, it is quite easy to handle. The entire East region integrates all types of transportation (rail, regional buses) enabling travel on one ticket. Greater Vienna (or the East Region) is a zonal system - the final  price depends on the number of zones "touched".  Vienna itself is the so called "core zone" with the code #100. The public transport authority of the East Region is called "Verkehrsverbund Ost-Region" - VOR. This organisation provides tariff and general information on all modes of public transport.

Website of VOR: 

They offer several public transport maps: 

Austrian Railways (ÖBB) operates numerous national fast trains and regional rail lines out of Vienna. For further advice visit their website: (Main Internet Presence) (Train Schedule)

Airport Reachability:

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