Arriving and Departing by Air:

Airport Information:

Vienna International Airport(VIE) is a modern and compact terminal at Schwechat, just outside the city limits. Flights arrive from all over the world.

Taxis/Prebooked Transfers: 

Taxis are readily available and cost around €35-40 for two or three passengers, one-way to the city centre. You can also pre book transfers that are cheaper than regular taxis at about €29. You don't have to share this ride!


Buses (Vienna Airport Lines):

Buses connect the airport with the two main railway terminals, Wien Meidling and Wien Westbahnhof, as well as the city centre [Schwedenplatz/Morzinplatz] and UN complex in around 25-35 minutes and costs €8 single. Moreover, there are buses departing for destinations South of Vienna like Mödling or Baden.

Urban Rail:

The Vienna S-Bahn (commuter train) line S7 easily links the airport with the city featuring many stops in different districts. All trains stop at Floridsdorf, Traisengasse, Praterstern, Wien Mitte and Rennweg, with almost all trains stopping at the branch line stations to the airport. The regular fare is only €4.40, including a connection to the U-Bahn network. If you are in possession of a valid pass for Vienna, you only have to buy a supplementary (outer zone) ticket costing €2.10.  The pass or tickets, probably purchased at the airport, must be validated when boarding the train! Present pass and supplement ticket to the train attendant in order to receive a smile (or not).

When departing Vienna to go to the airport please note the following: For S-Bahn travel, the trains have double entrance doors that you step UP into. If your luggage is large and/or heavy, this could make boarding the S-Bahn train more difficult than other types of trains. This becomes especially apparent if the platform is busy and lots of passengers are all boarding, with their luggage, at the same time. This should not deter those ambulant passengers with manageable luggage. As long as your are aware of the steps on the S-Bahn trains, you stand to save on your fares considerably when factoring in the price of 12Euro for the express CAT train or 8Euro for the Airport bus to or from Schwedenplatz.

Trains TO Vienna leave  17 and  42 minutes past the hour and go to Wien Mitte (Landstraße) and further to Floridsdorf. Trains bounding for the airport leave, for example, Wien-Mitte Station at  15 and 45 past the hour and display "Flughafen Wien" or "Wolfsthal". These trains can also be boarded/left at other stops which are stated above. The departure/arrival times logically differ then. Travel duration between Wien-Mitte and Vienna Airport is 26 minutes.

A map of the greater Vienna S-Bahn network is available at the Vienna S-Bahn Website

For more detailed advice visit their website at

Note: Maps provided in the U-Bahn are hard to understand, so it is advisable to get a more detailed one.

Express Train (CAT):

The new City Airport Train (CAT) links the airport with Wien Mitte station in around 16 minutes (non-stop) and costs €12 one way or €19 return. Those returning to the airport and flying on Star Alliance group airlines (including Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa) and some others like AirBerlin/Flyniki, can check in and drop their bags at Wien Mitte Terminal before boarding the train. This is also possible on the evening before your flight. The ticket  is only valid to on the CAT train. A separate ticket is required if wishing to use the public transportation in Vienna.

In order to compete with taxis for small groups of passengers (3 tickets for CAT cost as much as a car transfer!), CAT introduced the "CAT-CAB" option: for a flat rate of € 24,- up to four people can travel on the CAT plus a dedicated car will bring them to any point in districts 1 to 9; for districts 10 to 23 the price is € 28,- again for up to 4 passengers. This is cheaper than the taxi/car transfer.

More info on the CAT and CAT-CAB and city check-in (carriers, times):

***05/Sept/2013 - It appears that the CAT-CAB service is no longer available, based on discussions at this thread: 


Departing by Air:

Check in at VIE is relatively easy and uncomplicated, but security can sometimes be slow. If you are traveling  from the A Gates, be aware that once you pass through passport control the waiting areas are small and cramped and there are not many services. 

Arriving/Departing at Bratislava Airport (BTS), Slovakia:

If you arrive on Ryanair, Norwegian or CSA in Bratislava, you can get to Vienna by bus or train. There is frequent (approx. hourly) direct bus service to Vienna, operated by Blaguss (final stop at Wien Erdberg - U3 line subway) or Slovak Lines/Postbus (final stop at Wien Hauptbahnhof / Südtirolerplatz U1 line subway). Both services leave directly from the bus platform at Bratislava airport, the driver will sell you a ticket.  All buses make a stop at the Vienna airport as well. Note: on your way back to Bratislava airport make sure that your bus goes to the airport, since some Slovak Lines connections terminate at Bratislava bus station and do not continue to the airport.

Other option is to take public transportation and train. The latter requires taking the local bus No.61 to the main railway station (Hlavna stanica) in Bratislava, from where trains to Vienna depart approximately once per hour, with travel time 60 minutes. Trains arrive at Wien Hauptbahnhof. If your final destination is located close to subway line U3 (orange) you could contemplate disembarkation one stop before Wien Hauptbahnhof at "Wien-Simmering". If your final destination is located close to subway line U2 (violet) you could contemplate disembarkation at "Wien-Stadlau".

Arriving by Train:

Vienna has two main-line rail terminals, plus a number of other stations that act as termini for local or regional services.

Wien Westbahnhof handles arrivals from Salzburg, Innsbruck, Munich, Switzerland and the overnight trains from Paris and Cologne. Most trains from Budapest arrive here as well.

Wien Meidling handles arrivals from Graz, Italy, the Balkans and - a touch illogically - Berlin and Prague. The station is called Philadephiabrücke on U-Bahn maps.

Both stations have good public transport links to the rest of the city.

Arriving by Hydrofoil (Budapest, Bratislava):

There are daily trips by hydrofoil between Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest during the summer season (May-September). From Budapest the boat leaves at 9 a.m. and arrives in Vienna around 3:30, depending on how long it takes to get through the two locks on the Danube. The time is approximately one hour shorter to Budapest because the trip is downstream.

The hydrofoil will dock in Vienna near Handelskai next to the Reichsbrucke. From there it is a short walk to the U-Bahn station (U1 Vorgartenstraße).

In Budapest, the hydrofoil docks at Belgrád rakpart, between the Erzsébet bridge and Szabadság bridge. Be sure to arrive an hour early (08:00) in order to purchase tickets and go through passport control. If travelling in summer, you may want to consider sitting in the center section as the front section has no windows that open and can become very hot and uncomfortable.  

In Bratislava, the hydrofoil docks at Vajanskeho nabrezie (Osobny pristav - Personal Port). The service from Budapest no longer stops in Bratislava and there is separate daily service Bratislava-Vienna (operating from late April till the end of September).

Twin City Liner is a different service operated with modern fast catamaran ship between Bratislava and Vienna. There are 3 to 5 daily services in each direction since April till the end of October.

Boat vs. train?  The boat takes about twice as long to get to Vienna as does the train from Budapest, but there are the wonderful views from the river of Budapest, the Danube bend, Esztergom and Bratislava to consider in your decision.

 For more information, visit the DDSG websiteLOD website or  Twin City Liner website.