Summer Lift Passes 2008

A 3-day variable electronic Summer Pass, for 39.50 Euros, is available from any of the gondola lift stations. This gives unlimited use of the 5 ski lifts/cable cars of the Bergbahn AG KItzbuhel, (Hahnenkamm Gondola, Kitzbuhel Horn Gondola, Panorama Gondola and the Gaisberg Chairlift, Fleckalm Gondola) for any 3 days out of 7. They can be used on the lifts as many times as you like on the 3 days you choose. 




The pass also allows 3 entries on any of the 7 days to the Aquarena Spa centre and gives access to the main pool, the pool fun, 2 flumes and the sun-beds in the gardens where locals spend all day sunbathing.


The pass also gives unlimited 7-day free use of the OBB Postbuses on certain routes, including Postbus 4002, Postbus 4004 to Aschau for the Gaisberg Chairlift at Kirchberg and Postbus 4010 to Mittersill Markplatz for the Panorama Gondola at Pass Thurn Breitmoos. You do not need to validate the pass as it is dated. You show it to the driver.


A similar pass for 51.50 Euros can be used for 6 days of your choice out of 10 days, and you can visit the Aquarena swimming pool 6 times in the 10 days and have free use on the buses for 10 days.



The passes can be taken back at the end of  the 6/10 days and 2 Euros deposit is returned on each of them. These passes are exceptional value for money, especially as they give you access to the walks at the top of the mountains.




The bus stop signs are yellow with a green H. Bus timetables are available at the information centre, which is next to the small cinema in Kitzbuhel town. Bus times are also shown at the bus stops.


Kitzbuhel buses, although very reliable, do not run very frequently. If you miss your bus back, you could have to wait 2 hours for the next one. At weekends, there are even fewer buses. On Sundays, the 4004 route has only 4 buses running each way all day. You can also use the summer pass on the local town bus.


Special Train Tickets



Train timetables and price lists are also available at the information centre in Kitzbuhel town centre. Train journeys are expensive. However, you can travel from Kitzbuhel to Innsbruck by train on a special ticket issued by OBB, which costs 28 Euros return for 2-5 people, instead of 34.40 Euros each. You have to buy this ticket from the ticket office at the train station nearest to the Kitzbuhel Horn Gondola station. They will give you an easy-to-use timetable for these special offer tickets. The issued train ticket has the lead name on it and you must show it to the ticket inspector on the train when requested.


The quickest train for Innsbruck leaves at 09.30 from the station near the Kitzbuhel Horn and takes 1 hour 20 minutes. A map of Innsbruck can be bought for 1 Euro at the information shop on the lower level of Innsbruck station.


The trains back run every hour and take various lengths of time (up to 3 hours) to get back to Kitzbuhel. The quickest one, which takes 1 hour 30 minutes, leaves Innsbruck at 16.10 pm, with 1 easy change of train. Just cross the platform to the awaiting train and it returns to Kitzbuhel at the Hahnenkamm Station on the opposite side of Kitzbuhel town.


When you buy this ticket, you need to show a form of identity, such as the guest card with your name on it that your hotel issues when you check in.


You can also do a similar trip to Salzburg also for 28 Euros for 2-5 people return, but there is only 1 choice of train to Salzburg and 3/4 trains back. The downside is that the journey each way takes nearly 3 hours!