Any season of the year can be enjoyed in Triol. Spring, summer, fall and winter each feel different, but all are fairly mild. However, when in high altitude, the temperatures can be more extreme. For example, it is always colder during the winter months when in the mountains.

Most of the tourists who visit Triol like to participate in outdoor activities, no matter what the season. Obviously, during the winter the ski season is at its height. Most of the people who travel here during the winter months do so to ski or enjoy other types of snow sports. During the summer, visitors can still enjoy the mountains by using them for hiking and camping.

The spring and the fall are less crowded with tourists, but there are still activities and events that take place throughout the year. The winter months are filled with all sorts of ski competitions and the summer months are filled with live open-air concerts and festivals.  

Average daily temperatures are as follows:

January 19-34° Fahrenheit

February 23-39° Fahrenheit

March 32-52° Fahrenheit

April 39-61° Fahrenheit

May 46-68° Fahrenheit

June 52-75° Fahrenheit

July 55-77° Fahrenheit

August 54-75° Fahrenheit

September 50-70° Fahrenheit

October 41-59° Fahrenheit

November 32-46° Fahrenheit

December 25-36° Fahrenheit