It may surprise some to find out that Salzburg gets more tourists than places like Venice or Florence - it's been said that there are more tourists in this city than actual residents at any given time. That may or not actually be true, but what is true is that tourists have been flocking to this city for years.

This could be because Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart - every year The Salzburg Festival draws fans of Mozart and music in general in droves to this city to listen to beautiful music. Or maybe it's all the The Sound of Music (the movie was set in Salzburg) coming to really see if "the hills are alive with music". Oh, in case you were wondering - they are. There are specialty tours designed for these fans to really get the true Von Trapp experience.

Whatever reason people are coming to Salzburg, they're finding that not only is it a city with music in its blood, but it's also a very picturesque city with famous architecture and notable churches. It's hard not to fall in love with this city.  Art lovers and museum-fiends will also find plenty of ways to keep themselves entertained, since Salzburg prides itself on being a destination for culture - the city has even been named a World Heritage Site - probably due in part to the over 4,000 cultural events that take place within its boundaries.