If you like classical music or if you love being in an historical building or if you just want an experience that will give you goosebumps then this is the thing for you.

During summer Salzburg organizes small private concerts in the Marmorsaal in Schloss Mirabell. Actually I should say the organizer and the man who puts his soul into this is Lutz Leskowiz. Every evening you can see another concert from 20.00h till about 22.00h. Adults pay 35 Euros max and young people 10 Euros.

The first violin concert was by Leskowiz accompanied by 2 other violinists and a cellist. It was beautiful and the way this man plays takes your breath away. Together with  husbnd and daughter decided to go to another concert with Leskowiz. This time he was accompanied by a pianist. They played Mozart, Chopin, ...

Imagine sitting there in this wonderful castle, in a room clad with marble, listening to beautiful music performed with a soul, a summer night and the windows are open... and after the final note the distant roaring thunder over Salzburg. Magic!

If in Salzburg don't miss this - you won't regret!