The generally mountainous terrain of Austria has a mild climate. And the area around Graz can often be quite sunny year round; with warm but not hot summers, and cold but not terribly cold winters.

The summers are mild, and almost never hot, or at least seldom so. Daytime temperatures can get into the upper 70s at times but even this is rare. However, the sun can be extremely intense year round so be sure to plain accordingly and wear plenty of sunscreen. The evening temperatures are also more mild than they would be in the higher elevations with temperatures in the mid to high 60s after the sun goes down. Late spring and early summer is the rainy season, so the best time to go to avoid the chance of rain is in late July through early October.

Winters in Graz can be chilly and at times downright cold, and from December to February it does actually freeze and the area does get a bit of snow.

Springtime arrives early in Graz, and by the end of March the area is lush and green, but likewise the autumn also arrives quickly too, and from September to October there can be quite a drop in temperature, and by the end of November it starts to feel like winter.