Monte Carlo is an excellent place to buy art and antiques. If you happen to be an art lover or an antique collector and carry some bit of cash, stop by some of these prestigious art galleries and antique stores. Over decades, their owners have made seeking the finest and unique piece of art and antiques their constant goal and their business motto.

- Dario Ghio. Located at 25, Blvd. Prince Charlotte, it is ideal for those collectors looking for 18th and 19th uncommon pieces. The store specializes in silver pieces.

- Galerie 41features an extensive collection of Chinese, Tibetan and Japanese pieces like paintings, china and furniture.

- Galerie d’Art Trianon displays traditional and contemporary art in an inviting setting.

- Maisond d’Art offers unique artwork and very antique furniture from the 14th and 15th centuries.

- Sotheby’s Monaco. As in its London, New York and Paris locations, in Sotheby's Monaco you can find the finest brands in jewelry and unique furniture pieces.