Daktari Jeep Safari is a company which specialises in off road experiences where most traditional transport would be unable to go. Daktari run two main tours taking tourists to either the Akamas region or Troodos Mountains.

The Akamas route sees customers being taken around the Akamas national park, where you can view the ever expanding plant life, see natural transition of rock and walk along the gorge (Dry season only). Your tour guide will take you through the park and will inform you all about the area, plant population and other domestic life. The tour continues and all throughout, you are treated as though you are the "drivers" of the trip. You can decide which route you want to travel along the region, either main roads or if you like it bumpy, use off road trails. You can stop at any time, take photos, take in the scenery, time is no fact for the guides.

 Following the nature trail walk, you are taken to a view spot, where you can take pictures of the area. You are taken to a small drink stop where you can grab some food or drinks and use toilet facilities. You then continue on to Lara Bay, which is home to the Turtle Reserve / Conservation spot. Here your guide explains the project of turtle conservation, how they are protected and the general lifestyle and other interest facts about the species and area.

 The journey continues and you are taken to Akamas caves, on route - your guide stops picking natural growing herbs such as sage, thyme and fennel. You can also pick carob pods and the guide will explain how these are used etc. In the caves, you can see these were once habited and you have a view of the forestry control lookout - where people are house to lookout for forest fires.

 From here you move to a small village for a traditional cypriat lunch. You are then taken to Laitchi bay for swimming and sightseeing. Here is where the journey ends, unless you want your guide to continue on, where he may take you back through off road paths, pass through traditional villages and provide local and historical facts information along the way.

You are finally taken back to your pick up points.