A recommended read for travellers to Liechtenstein is "Dots on the Map" by Colin Leckey.  It's the story of the author's quirky trip around Europe's seven smallest countries - the Faroes, Liechtenstein, San Marino, the Vatican City, Monaco, Andorra and Gibraltar.

The book combines wry, humorous anecdotes with commentary on the history, geography and politics of each of the countries he visits.  The highlights of his trip to Liechtenstein include a haze-inducing visit to the Princely Wine Cellars, getting acquainted with the culture of the Walser people (the only "true" Liechtensteiners), and stumbling across a professional crazy golf tournament ("a mini-sport for a mini-nation").  There's a fascinating discussion of the Liechtenstein royal family - the "last feudal monarchy in Europe", able to sack the Government and appoint the judges.

 The book is available on Amazon for around £8.99, and the "search inside" facility is available so you can read more before buying.