Visitors traveling to Reykjavik have a number of options for travel around the island once they have arrived.  Visitors who wish to transport themselves around Reykjavik can do so via rental car.  Biking and walking are also options. Visitors who want some assistance getting around Reykjavik can do so via the public transportation system or they can hire taxis.  Those who really want to travel in style also have the option of renting a limousine to drive them around (   

Rental cars in Reykjavik are generally considered to be expensive and are therefore not as commonly used by tourists as rental cars in other areas. Lotus Car Rental (  Route 1 Car Rental ( ) Budget (, Icerental 4x4 ( and ( are rental companies which are commonly used by people who do decide to rent a vehicle in the area. Renting a bicycle or walking in local areas is actually a much more common method by which travelers get around the area.

More common than any of these methods of getting around on their own, many travelers choose to make use of the public transportation system in Reykjavik.  There are two main bus stations in the area ( which run frequently throughout the area.  The main Visitor Center on Adelstrate has information about bus fares and maps.  A daily pass is  900 ISK (~8 USD), which is the same as any two trips within one zone, which reaches to several outlying communities.  The Reykjavik Welcome Card includes bus pass, so if you are comfortable with buses and can read and follow the schedule (available in the red brochure/map at most tourist venues) it is a great savings in a city where the attractions are rather far apart. You will need to find several maps so as to correlate the attractions with the bus routes, unfortunately.

 Visitors who would like to be transported around can hire a taxi.  Taxi fares are standardized, cars can be hailed easily on the street and tipping is not generally expected, although it is always appreciated by taxi drivers.