Seurasaari Island is a very small island right near Helsinki.  You can take the number 24  bus straight there.  You can see what it was like to live in Finland all the way back to the 1600s. They even have this very beautiful old style church where nobles had their own keys to benches in the church, and sat according to their ranking in society. 

There are tour guides in every house on the island. They are dressed in peasant clothing and acting as if they live there in that house unless you walk up to them and ask them a question. 

The cost is 6 euros and the tour takes a minimum of 3 hours from the long beautiful bridge that you enter the island on to the other side.  That is of course providing that you don't stop for lunch at the buffet or restaurant by the ocean. You will have to stop and its beauty and splendor.

If you have all day, you can also look at the Bronze age village right after you come across the bridge.  History buffs, will not want to miss this attraction.