Enontekiö is located in the North-Western Lapland, where Finland, Sweden and Norway have a common border. This is an arctic area where winter is long, and summer short.

In Enontekiö you can still experience the authentic Lappish culture. 10% of the inhabitants speak Sámi as their mother tongue, and the rest are Finnish speaking. Reindeer herding has been the most common profession until recently, but today tourism and service sector employ most of the people.

Enontekiö consists of small villages, of which Hetta is the biggest and an administrativ centre. Hetta is located by Pallas-Yllästunturi national park. One of the most famous hiking trails in Finland, Hetta-Pallas 55km, starts from Hetta and ends by fell Pallas in Muonio. In winter time you can ski the same distance.

At the most Northern end of Enontekiö is located village of Kilpisjärvi. Kilpisjärvi is famous for Saana fjell that dominates the landscape of the village. Highest mountains in Finland are located near the village, the highest of them being Halti. Hiking or skiing to Halti along a marked path is an adventure for serious hiking lovers. The journey is in total some 100 km.

Enontekiö offers great fishing opportunities. In summer time flyfishers can enjoy numerous freely running rivers and catch large grayling, trout or salmon. The lakes offer arctic char. In Finland everyone has the right to fish, but a permit is needed. In  winter time you should try ice-fishing.